The green flag will drop on Saturday night at the Milestone Homes Top of the South Speedway. After consultation with the Tasman District Council and the team at Fire and Emergency New Zealand we have been given the all clear to run the Waimea Vehicle Testing Station New Zealand Three Quarter Midget Grand Prix. In fact a member of the Fire and Emergency New Zealand said it would be great for the speedway to run so people can get back to some sort of normality after recent events.

However there are some stipulations put in place. The most important is that we will enforce absolutely no smoking or any other ignition sources allowed in the car park area at the track as this area has the highest risk. We will have gate staff reminding people of this as they enter the premises. Also we will have the fire brigade doing regular patrols of the car park area as well during the night. If anyone is caught smoking or using anything that could cause a fire they will be asked to leave our premises. No ifs, buts or maybes!!

Please understand that this decision to race, and it was a tough one, has been made with the permission of all the relevant authorities and the Nelson Speedway Association have taken all steps required for this event to happen and all we ask is that you, the fans, do your best to help us out with those requirements.

This Saturday we will also be giving our local Brightwater Fire Brigade a lap of honour for their efforts and the efforts of the rest of the fire and emergency crews that have done an outstanding job of taming the wild beast in and around Wakefield. So please come along and show your support to those men and women who have given their all in this ongoing battle. See you all trackside.

Wayne Martin
Nelson Speedway Association