By Pete McNae


Nelson Speedway Association president Wayne Wogg Martin took a call from the Palmerston North Panthers management at lunchtime on Wednesday, telling him the Panthers would be unable to get to Nelson for this weekend’s Challenge Cup teams race against the Nelson Tigers.

The quake disruption from Monday morning has seen ferry sailings reduced and compromised, meaning there was no longer any certainty the Panthers could get to Nelson for Saturday’s meeting — or be able to get home. Regretfully, they were forced to pull out.

The Challenge Cup has been POSTPONED, not CANCELLED and will happen at a date later in the season that works for both clubs.
The Nelson committee is disappointed to have to run without the teams race, although there WILL STILL BE RACING THIS SATURDAY, involving the six programmed classes.

A super saloon series meeting at Woodford Glen has been scrapped due to the quake and weather disruptions.

“We are looking at what we can do for Saturday but the sprintcars have a meeting at Ruapuna so we can’t bring them in,” Martin said. “It’s disappointing for us but we have to remember that there are people around who have had their homes and livelihoods wrecked and our thoughts are with them right now.

“We will get the Panthers down here later in the season, until then, keep an eye on this page and on the website for anything that we might be able to do after we have had a committee meeting.”

Watch this page and the Nelson Speedway Association Facebook page for further news regarding Saturday’s meeting.